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Other observations[]

Other aspects concerning this thesis were documented. This includes:

  • Information on regulations governing the doctoral programme and examinations at Mendel University in Brno.
  • Critical receptions of the thesis by supervisor and the opponents.
  • Although VroniPlag Wiki is usually restricted to the documentation of plagiarism, some problematic observations concerning the results section of the thesis were additionally recorded.

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  • Currently there are 0 reviewed fragments documented that are considered to be violations of citation rules. For 0 of them there is no reference given to the source used („Übersetzungsplagiate“, „Verschleierungen“ and „Komplettplagiate“). For 0 fragments the source is given, but the extent of the used text is not made clear („Bauernopfer“).
  • The publication has 122 pages that have been analyzed. On a total of of these pages violations of citation rules have been documented. This represents a percentage of Fehler im Ausdruck: Unerwarteter Operator *%. The 122 analyzed pages break down with respect to the amount of text parallels encountered as follows:
Percentage text parallels Number of pages
No text parallels documented 122
0%-50% text parallels 0
50%-75% text parallels 0
75%-100% text parallels 0
From these statistics an extrapolation of the amount of text of the publication under investigation that has been documented as problematic can be estimated (conservatively) as about 0% of the main part of the publication.
  • In all, text was taken from 25 sources.


The following chart illustrates the amount and the distribution of the text parallel findings. The colours show the type of plagiarism diagnosed:

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