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Other observations

According to the supervisor's evaluation paper (PDF) the author "started her PH.D. studies in 2018 in the part-time of studies".

Critical reception by the thesis supervisor and the opponents

Since the reviews of the supervisor of the doctoral thesis and of the three opponents were also published online, this allows to cite their critical comments and overall evaluations:

Declaration, Regulations

  • In the "Statutory declaration" (p. [V]), the author states:
    "Herewith I declare that I have written my final thesis: [...] by myself and all sources and data used are quoted in the list of references."
  • The "Study and Examination Regulations of Mendel University in Brno" (PDF) valid at the time of submission specify:
    • Article 24
      Doctoral study program
      "(1) Doctoral study programmes are, pursuant to Section 47 of the Act, focused on scientific research and independent creative activity in the fields of research or development or on independent theoretical and creative activity in the arts."
    • Article 33
      State doctoral examinations
      "(1) The state doctoral examinations verify the ability and readiness for independent activity in the field of research or development or for independent theoretical and creative activities in the arts."
    • Article 34
      "(1) A dissertation must include original and published results or results received for publication."
  • The Czech Republic's "The Higher Education Act" of 22 April 1998 (PDF, current version, published 31 August, 2018) specifies in section 47c
    The Proceeding at a Public Higher Education Institution concerning Statement of Invalidity of State Examinations or Their Parts or the Thesis Defence:
    • "(2) The Rector shall express his/her decision of invalidity of the state examinations or their parts or of the thesis defence if the person whose state examinations or their parts or whose thesis defence is concerned:
      • [...]
      • b) has not met or only apparently met the conditions or requirements presented by the Higher Education Act, the degree programme, and the Study and Examination Regulations for completing the state examination or its parts or the dissertation defence because of an unauthorized usage of another person’s work in gross violation of legal provisions concerning copyright protection 32) [bold mark not in original] or because of another intentional activity not mentioned in a), in case of permanent or repeated violation of good manners or in such a case where the possibility of gaining standard knowledge and skills by participants of the given degree programme was significantly disturbed.
    • (3) In case of failing to meet conditions for completion of state examinations or their parts or the dissertation defence in accordance with Paragraphs (2) a) and b), such case is deemed to present an objective state of discontinuity between the actual state of affairs and facts confirmed by the higher education diploma when a higher education diploma has been issued without the recipient having passed the state examinations or its parts or the thesis defence.
    • (4) Proceedings for expressing the invalidity are initiated ex officio. It can be initiated by the Rector as well:
      • a) at the very latest 3 years after the legal effect of the decision by which a particular person was sentenced for an intentional crime, if the case as per Paragraph (2) a) applies; or
      • b) at the very latest 3 years from the date of performing the state examination or apparently performing the state examination or its last part or of the Doctoral thesis defence [bold mark not in original], if it is the case pursuant to Paragraph (2) b).
    • (5) If the Rector has not found any reasons for the statement of invalidity of the thesis defence or its part in accordance with (2), proceedings for the statement of the invalidity shall be discontinued."
  • The "Declaration on Ensuring Research Integrity at Mendel University Brno" dated 23. September 2019 (PDF), signed by the rector, states:
"Probably the most important period for ensuring the integrity of research occurs during the doctoral studies, when it is necessary to place particular emphasis on the following areas:
• The issue of intellectual property, including the conventions on co-authorship
• Ethical aspects and the definition of misconduct in research
If not done previously, it is necessary for the doctoral candidates to become familiar with the standards and guidelines regarding professional conduct, ethics, plagiarism and proper use of citations and be aware of the importance of the explicit recognition of the work of others. It is no less important to record information and data related to research, which shall be carried out in accordance with the best practices in the relevant scientific field.
Graduates of doctoral programmes must specifically know and apply in their research the principles of ethical conduct of research and the best research practices, including the correct attribution of merit and authorship and avoidance of misconduct in research.
With regard to the above, we are determined to strengthen our efforts to educate students and employees regarding principles and procedures that underpin the integrity of research."
(p. 3)