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Svr/Arbortext 1999-ArbortextXML for Managers. Evaluating SGML vs. XML from a Manager's Perspective-1999nono1
Svr/Bailey Bakos 1997Joseph P. Bailey / Yannis Bakos-An Exploratory Study of the Emerging Role of Electronic Intermediaries.-1997nono1
Svr/Bakos 1991J. Yannis Bakos-A Strategic Analysis of Electronic Marketplaces-1991yesyes2
Svr/Bakos 1997J. Yannis BakosThe Institute of Management SciencesReducing Buyer Search Costs: Implications for Electronic Marketplaces-1997yesyes1
Svr/Bakos 1998Yannis Bakos-The Emerging Role of Electronic Marketplaces on the Internet-1998yesyes3
Svr/Balogh 1999N. Balogh-Recommendations for medical structured data transmission in CEC/NIS countries. Analysis of structured data transmission standards for CEC/NIS usage in cardiology-1999nono2
Svr/Bartlett 1997Bartlett, PG-Graphic Communications Association1997nono2
Svr/Bass 1969Frank M. Bass-A New Product Growth for Model Consumer Durables-1969yesyes1
Svr/Benaroch Kauffman 2000Michel Benaroch / Robert J. Kauffman-Justifying Electronic Banking Network Expansion Using REal Options Analysis-2000nono4
Svr/Berners-Lee et al 2001Tim Berners-Lee / James Hendler / Ora Lassila-The Semantic Web. A new form of Web content that is meaningful to computers will unleash a revolution of new possibilities-2001yesyes5
Svr/Brealey Myers 1981Richard Brealey / Stewart Myers-Principles of Corporate FinanceMcGraw-Hill1981yesyes2
Svr/Bryan 1998Martin Bryan-European XML/EDI Pilot Project - Terms of Reference-1998yesyes2
Svr/Carroll 2000Michael Carroll-Beneath the Vortals - The Lowdown on XML-Based B2B Standards-2000nono3
Svr/Copeland Weston 1992Thomas E. Copeland / Thomas E. Weston-Financial Theory and Corporate PolicyAddison Wesley1992yesyes5
Svr/Coy 1999Peter Coy-Exploiting Uncertainty - The "real-options" revolution in decision-making-1999nono3
Svr/DeRose 1999Steven J. DeRose-XML Linking: An introduction-1999nono2
Svr/Dixit Pindyck 1994Avinash K. Dixit / Robert S. Pindyck-Investment under UncertaintyPrinceton University Press1994yesyes1
Svr/Dumbill 2001Edd Dumbill-XML Hype Down But Not Out In New York-2001yesyes2
Svr/ECOOP 2001-University Eötvös Loránd, Budapest, Hungary; Department of General Computer ScienceMechanisms for Enterprise Integration: From Objects to Ontologies. 15th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, June 18-22, 2001-2001nono2
Svr/Economist 1999--Keeping all options open-1999nono3
Svr/Edwards 1999Morris Edwards-An EDI whose time has come-1999yesyes3
Svr/Emmelhainz 1990Margaret A. Emmelhainz-Electronic Data Interchange: A Total Management GuideVan Nostrand Reinhold1990yesyes5
Svr/Enigma 1999Enigma Inc.-XML Adoption for Document-Based Applications-1999nono3
Svr/Erdmann Studer 1999Michael Erdmann / Rudi Studer-Ontologies as Conceptual Models for XML Documents-1999yesno2
Svr/Fisher Pry 1971J. C. Fisher / R. H. Pry-A Simple Substitution Model of Technological Change-1971yesyes1
Svr/Funke 1998Susan Funke-XML Content Finally Arrives on the Web!-1998nono7
Svr/Götz 1999Georg Götz-Monopolistic competition and the diffusion of new technology-1999noyes1
Svr/Heflin 2000Jeff HeflinParallel Understanding Systems Group, Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College ParkThe SHOE FAQ-2000nono1
Svr/Houser et al 1996W. Houser / J. Friffin / C. Hage-EDI Meets the Internet - Frequently Asked Questions about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) on the Internet-1996nono1
Svr/Jaakkola 1996Hannu JaakkolaKarlheinz Kautz / Jan-Pries HeyeComparison and Analysis of Diffusion ModelsSpringer1996nono1
Svr/James 1990David James-Counting the real costs of new technology-1990nono2
Svr/Johnson 1999Amy Helen Johnson-XML is Xtending its reach-1999nono3
Svr/Kobielus 2000James Kobielus-EDI and Workflow Converge in E-Business Tools-2000nono1
Svr/Kotok 1999Alan Kotok-XML and EDI Lessons Learned and Baggage to Leave Behind-1999nono1
Svr/Kotok 2000Alan Kotok-Even More Extensible-2000yesyes1
Svr/Kotok 2000aAlan Kotok-A Survey of XML Business Data Exchange Vocabularies-2000nono1
Svr/Lee 1998Ronald M. Lee-Towards open electronic contracting-1998yesyes1
Svr/Lee 1998aOok Lee-Negotiation and Contract through E-Mail-1998yesyes1
Svr/Lucas 1999Henry C. Lucas-Information technology and the productivity paradox: Assessing the value of investing in ITOxford University Press1999yesyes6
Svr/Luehrman 1998Timothy A. Luehrman-Investment Opportunities as Real Options: Getting Started on the Numbers-1998yesyes1
Svr/Mansfield 1961Edwin Mansfield-Technical Change and the Rate of Imitation-1961yesyes1
Svr/Murch Johnson 1999Richard Murch / Tony Johnson-Intelligent Software Agents-1999nono2
Svr/Norman 1999Pontus Norman-a study of eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-1999nono16
Svr/O'Callaghan Turner 1995Ramon O'Callaghan / Jon TurnerHelmut Krcmar / Niels Bjørn-Andersen / Ramón O'CallaghanElectronic Data Interchange Concepts and IssuesWiley1995yesyes1
Svr/Parfett 1992Martin Parfett-What is EDI? A Guide to Electronic Data Interchange-1992yesyes9
Svr/Peat Webber 1997Bruce Peat / David Webber-XML/EDI: The E-business Framework-1997yesyes6
Svr/Pindyck 1989Robert PindyckThe World BankIrreversibility, Uncertainty and Investment-1989yesyes1
Svr/Pitts-Moultis Kirk 1999Natanya Pitts-Moultis / Cheryl Kirk-XML Black Book-1999yesyes7
Svr/Quirmbach 1986Herman C. Quirmbach-The diffusion of new technology and the market for an innovation-1986yesyes1
Svr/Raman 1998Dick Raman-AD HOC WORKING GROUP ON SIMPL-EDI AND FORMS AND WEB BASED EDI (SIMAC) - Proposal for a UN Repository for XML/EDI-1998nono4
Svr/Reinganum 1981Jennifer F. Reinganum-On the Diffusion of New Technology: A game Theoretic approach-1981yesyes3
Svr/Ricciuti Wong 1999Mike Ricciuti / Wylie Wong-XML: New way to do business-1999nono1
Svr/Ritz 1995Daniel Ritz-The start-up of an EDI network - A comparative case study in the air cargo industry-1995yesyes6
Svr/Rogers 1983Everett M. Rogers-Diffusion of InnovationsThe Free Press1983yesyes2
Svr/Sanborn Lattig 2000Stephanie Sanborn / Michael Lattig-Internet standards. HTML-XML combo finalized-2000nono1
Svr/Sassone Schwartz 1986Peter G. Sassone / A. Perry Schwartz-Cost-Justifying OA: A straightforward method for quantifying the benefits of automated office systems-1986yesyes2
Svr/Schmid 1993Beat F. Schmid-Electronic Markets-1993yes (as Schmidt)yes (as Schmidt)2
Svr/Schuyler 1992John R. Schuyler-Credible Projections Now Require Decision Analysis-1992nono2
Svr/Schwartz 2001Richard Schwartz-Web Site Construction Tips & TricksOnWord Press (imprint of Thomson Learning)2001nono1
Svr/Seybold report on internet publishing 1997Seybold report on internet publishing-Microsoft, Inso, ArborText propose style sheet language for XMLSeybold Publications Incorporated1997nono2
Svr/Shankar 1999Gess Shankar-The XML Standards landscape-1999nono3
Svr/Spider's Apprentice 2000--The Spider's Apprentice. A Helpful Guide to Web Search Engines. How to get the most from search engines like AltaVista, Infoseek, Excite, Webcrawler, Lycos, HotBot, and the Yahoo Directory. Page 4 - How Search Engines Work-2000nono2
Svr/Strassmann 1985Paul A. Strassmann-Information Payoff - Transformation of Work in the electronic age-1985yesyes4
Svr/Taudes et al 1999Alfred Taudes / Markus Feurstein / Andreas Mild-How option thinking can improve software platform decisions-1999yesyes1
Svr/Trigeorgis 1993Lenos Trigeorgis-Real Options and Interactions with Financial Flexibility-1993yesyes5
Svr/W3C 1999World Wide Web Consortium 14-January-1999-Namespaces in XML-1999yesyes1
Svr/Walsh 1998Norman Walsh-A Technical Introduction to XML-1998nono11
Svr/Walsh Nelson 1998Jeff Walsh / Matthew Nelson-Business to get XML repository-1998nono1
Svr/Webber 1998David R.R. Webber-Introducing XML/EDI Frameworks-1998yesyes7
Svr/Weitzel et al 1999Tim Weitzel / Peter Buxmann / Ralf Kronenberg / Frank Ladner-XML/EDI - the (r)evolution of EDI --1999yesyes5
Svr/Weitzel et al 2000Tim Weitzel / Peter Buxmann / Falk v. Westarp-A Communication Architecture for the Digital Economy 21st century EDI-2000yes (Weitzel, T. & Buxmann, P. 1999, A communication architecture for the digital economy: 21st century EDI)yes7
Svr/Wong 1998W. Wong-XML to "revolutionize" info exchange-1998yesyes (as Cnet News 1998)3
Svr/XML EDI Group 1999XML/EDI Group-Repository Focus-1999yesno1
Svr/XML EDI Group 2001The XML/EDI Group-The Future of Electronic Business-2001yesyes1
Svr/Zimmermann 1998Hans-Dieter Zimmermann-Business Media: A New Approach to Overcome Current Problems of Electronic Commerce-1998yesyes2